Taking the Ochre Path by Australian artist John Scott
I woke up this morning from a dream that I couldn’t remember, but these words were imprinted on my mind, “Rethink, re-imagine, and reinvent your life!”
I wanted to write about this and post it with an appropriate piece of art, so I looked through my files and found one that I intuitively thought would go well with the words in my dream. I chose the above piece by Australian artist John Scott titled “Taking the Ochre Path,” knowing nothing about the artist. I had found the piece intriguing awhile back, and copied it to my photo file from somewhere on the web. It seemed to go perfectly with my dream message on a deeper level than could be articulated in words. I found it so inspiring that I wanted to know more about the artist, so I pulled up an interview of John Scott at Lisa M Harrison.com and discovered that Scott had a Near Death Experience (NDE) 20 years ago that “fundamentally changed” his whole life! The interview in which he talks about this re-visioning of his own life was posted the night before I woke up with the message to rethink, reimagine, and reinvent my life. Wow! No wonder I felt drawn to his art.
I found another meaningful coincidence in the information Scott brought back from his NDE that connected it to a book I am currently reading to my granddaughter titled Emir’s Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powersby Jane Roberts. In the NDE, Scott saw how stones and trees and flowers and bugs and all things have consciousness and communicate with one another and with the rest of the world, including human beings if we are willing to focus and listen in new ways. In Robert’s charming children’s story, the protagonist, Emir, goes to the land of the gods and meets the god of insects and the god of toads and the god of the sky and some earth gods and goddesses. They talk to him about how every species has its own god/creator with whom they communicate and how every species has its own language that humans can tap into if they are open to other ways of knowing.
Many things that John Scott says in his interview resonate with things I’m thinking about and processing in my own life. Like self-forgiveness. According to Scott, he saw in his NDE the power of self-love and how it allows us to move forward and stop stunting our capabilities out of guilt and self-punishment. I was thinking about how to go about forgiving myself for mistakes of the past this morning before listening to Scott’s interview, and how I need to move on and quit berating myself, because it is just stunting my growth as an individual on so many fronts. I began to think that with all the support I’d been receiving in the form of synchronicity, I was ready to begin that journey!
And as fate would have it, another friend – not knowing about my dream message or my intention to follow its advice – sent me a link today that led me to find this quote from David H. Rosen in his Foreword to Jungian therapist James Hollis’s book titled The Archetypal Imagination, “With the power of the archetypal imagination available to all of us, we are invited to summon courage to take on the world anew, to relinquish outmoded identities and defenses, and to risk a radical re-imagining of the larger possibilities of the world and of the self.”

Here is the link to the interview Lisa Harrison did with John Scott if you’re interested: http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/tag/john-scott-australian-artist-and-researcher/