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SynchronicityJournaling: An online journal of events of synchronicity that bridge the gap between Mind and Matter.

Throughout this blog the terms synchronicity and meaningful coincidence are used interchangeably. Both describe an event in the outer world that matches a person’s thoughts, visions, dreams, or feelings and has no apparent cause other than the meaning attached to the experience at the time it occurs. Synchronicity appears in subtle ways through a passage in a book, music, nature, a scent, a touch, and, perhaps, an overheard conversation. It comes in clusters or singly, as a cosmic joke, a big jolt, or an inner “aha!” Synchronicities mark transitions and herald initiations. By its very nature, a meaningful coincidence carries a special message for the individual experiencing it.

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung was the first to coin and define the term synchronicity in the modern age. While Jung devoted much time and research to explaining how synchronicity works, in this blog I do not attempt to give scientific explanations for the events from my journals that I share here. I leave the daunting task of explaining the how and why to the many who have wrangled with Jung’s controversial theories about synchronicity, or acausal meaningful coincidence as he also referred to it, since he wrote about the phenomenon in the 1920s. Rather, it is my intention to share my own stories and to relate the positive effects that reflective journaling of meaningful coincidences have had on my thinking and personal development over time.

As I began to pay close attention to meaningful coincidences through the process of journaling, my perception of the world began to shift from mundane to spirit-filled. A few months into my own journaling project, I began to see as if with eyes brand new, and the numinous quality of matter that was formerly hidden from my perception became illuminated. As a bridge between mind and matter, synchronicity helps to connect day-to-day consciousness to the inner realms of symbol, imagination, and, intuition. The process of journaling and reflecting on events of synchronicity have lead me to connect mind and matter to spirit from a place of personal experience rather than mere theoretical understanding. It has transformed my world-view and stretched my thinking beyond the boundaries of a strictly materialistic belief system. For that I am grateful.


Jenna Ludwig

8 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Welcome to WordPress! It’s been a wonderful venue to me and I wish you the best of luck. Jeanie

  2. Jenna, I love the idea of using journaling to specifically notice and welcome synchronicity. I have always been drawn to the way things fold together in “coincidence” or synchronicity. Also am interested in quantum physics…Will make more time for visiting here soon…off to pack for my new adventure! hugs, Patti

  3. I’m glad you posted the link on FB. I have now tweeted it and posted it on my page on FB, as well. Happy to find this resource.

  4. A wondrous blog. Embedded in a 27 year journal I ket from 19 years old to 46 are what I considered to be 19 significant synchronicities. The eventually became the inspiration and the core content of my book on this challenging and head scratching phenomena. Journaling enables one to objectify the subjective by by subjecting what I refer to as contextual analysis to understand (interpret) the “hidden meanings’ embedded in a given synchronicity. P.S The The photo of the bridge is exquisite.

    • Hello, Gibbs ~ So sorry I missed your comment here. I was traveling and somehow missed it when I got back home. Thank you for your generous comment about me blog. I’d love to read your book. I, too, have kept extensive journals about my experiences of meaningful coincidence that have become the basis of my book in progress as well. My working title at this time is “Synchronicity Journaling: Working with Dreams, Visions, and Meaningful Coincidence.” I look forward to more sharing here with you. Jenna

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