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“Concerning all acts of initiative and creation there is one elementary truth — that the moment one definitely commits oneself then divine providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred and which no man could have dreamed would have come their way.” Quote attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Awaken the Goddess” card by Katelyn Mariah

A few weeks ago, I awoke with the clear intention to finish my half-completed book about the importance of journaling events of synchronicity that I started approximately two and a half years ago. The book is a rewrite for the general public and expansion of my master’s thesis. I had not committed to the completion of the project seriously for over a year, just little fits and starts of writing without any real passion behind them, and had been thinking of scrapping the book altogether. But this morning was different. The inspiration I felt was related to a dream I’d had several weeks before:

“A Woman Shows up to Help Me With the Baby” 7/28/2014

A woman and I are to meet at the airport to catch a plane. I think I’m late, that I need to be there at 7:30, and it is almost that time now. A man is driving me to the airport, and even though I am late, I ask him to quickly stop at the store because I’ve forgotten my baby’s bag with formula, diapers, and change of clothes in it. He doesn’t stop, nor does he take me to the airport. I am getting worried and frustrated yet, surprisingly, not too upset. We come to a house and I go inside. The woman I am supposed to meet is there waiting for me. She has everything my baby needs, and shows me how to make a special formula to feed her. She also tells me that we are not late; that the plane doesn’t take off until 11:00 clock and that “we are right on schedule.” She informs me she is here to help me with baby and that everything will turn out fine. (End of Dream)

The symbolism could not have been clearer to me. Babies in my dreams generally refer to creative projects I’m working on. The driver, or positive Inner Masculine, knew that I did not need more ‘air’ at that juncture in my work but needed, instead, grounding and a secure home for my baby/book project. He took me straight to the Inner Feminine that was there to guide me in creating a new formula to feed the project as well as to assure me that I was right where I needed to be.

The difficulty I faced that morning I awoke with renewed passion for the book was figuring out how to honor my intention with real action in the world. Of course, I must begin the work. That was obvious. But some other activities in my life had to go or be rearranged to make room for my creative work. I made a public announcement to family and friends where I live and on social media, specifically Facebook, that I would be busy for the next few months focusing on the completion of my book. Two of my FB friends, a husband and wife living in East Texas, saw that announcement and offered me a private room in their spacious home where I could write for a few months without distraction, away from the milieu of my busy life in Berkeley, California . Was this offer actually too good to be true? Or, was the Universe, in the form of my incredibly generous friends, responding in kind to my own renewed interest in the book?

I went to sleep contemplating these questions and awoke from another pivotal dream:

“A Room of Her Own” 9/6/2014

I am standing outside of a doorway to a house. There is a woman next to me for which I feel a strong affinity. Although she is devoid of color, paper white, hair and all, I love her and give her a hug. She leads me into the house where a man is sitting in front of a computer, holding a baby. As we walk past him, the woman offers to show me the room where I will be writing. I follow her through a labyrinth of hallways, filled with interesting art and beautiful flowers, and peer into rooms with lovely decors. The rooms and hallways seem to go on forever until I think we are in a mansion of sorts. We finally get to the room where I am to write. It is perfect, full of light and reminds me of my parent’s bedroom room in my favorite childhood home on the shores of Lake Erie. I take a seat in the room and notice that the woman’s color is now fleshed out and that her hair has become a vibrant red with lots of curls framing her face. As I stand at the large window and look out over the verdant grounds below (we appear to be on an upper story), I feel happy and at peace. (EOD)

I shared parts of this dream with my friend Jean Raffa, an author and teacher with a Jungian perspective (I’ve included a link to her website below where you can learn about her latest book “Healing the Sacred Divide.”). She confirmed my own thoughts that the dream is a positive sign to accept my friends’ generous offer.

Jean’s comments:

“What a fabulous opportunity you’ve been given. I don’t know many writers who wouldn’t leap at the chance to take a two-month writer’s retreat in a secluded country place. If this were my dream I’d make the same conclusion you have. The large elegant mansion with its artful decor, the light, the beauty, the positive association with my parents’ bedroom in my childhood home, the scenery, and perhaps most of all, the colorful transformation of my inner guide (Sophia?) tell me this is where my energy is moving, this is where I’m meant to be. As a side note, in my dreams men and women with red hair always seem to be very positive symbols of the vibrancy and vitality of my creative Animus/Anima, Spirit/Soul. Red = life, vitality, passion. Thick, shiny, curly hair = dense, enlightened thoughts and ideas (growing out of my head!) You go, girl!!”

Thank you, Jean, for that artful dream interpretation and encouragement!

Now that I’ve made my flight arrangements to Texas, I have noticed some other synchronistic connections. My initial dream above, in which I thought I was going to be too late to meet the woman at the airport at 7:30, occurred on 7/28. As you recall, I was considering giving up on the book prior to having that dream. But the woman in the dream said we had plenty of time to create a new formula to feed and take care of the ‘baby,’ because we had until 11:00 o’clock to make the flight. Two days ago, I booked my writing time in Texas through November, the 11th month (traveling home the first few days in December), without realizing how my plans tied in exactly with that dream proclamation…

As I contemplate the events I’ve related above, I am grateful for the help I’m constantly being given that exemplifies the truth of the Goethe quotation at the beginning of this blog post. It would appear that when we become crystal clear about what it is we are here to undertake and accomplish in life, an important part of the process is also trusting and allowing opportunities that help make it happen…



Jean Raffa’s blog: http://jeanraffa.wordpress.com

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