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Art “She Let Her Words Fly Forth As Blessings” by Denise Kester

My Declaration of Independence
July 4, 2013 (reprinted from my 2010 Declaration)

I declare on this 4th day of July, 2013 that I AM fully alive in the most holistic and energetic sense of the word. In this state of aliveness, I remove all self-imposed chains of thought and feeling and open to the myriad and miraculous blessings of the loving and creative universe that are my birthright as a human being.

I vow to totally enjoy, express, and be THANKFUL for the miracle of my human experience!
I declare the gift of Grace to be my true inheritance and, in turn, shine my Light and Love on others with no expectation of reward beyond KNOWING that all my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs will be met as I go about the passionate and wildly creative endeavors for which I have been summoned to incarnate as Jenna this time around.

I declare that I will share the blessings that I have been given/continue to receive in my life by cultivating exceptional relationships and innovative and inspired work that brings me and others Joy in the Celebration of Life on this planet!

I declare that my life is meant to be lived in the highest, grandest, most creative, and blissful of ways!

Therefore, I move out from under the basket that has been hiding my Light to unabashedly claim my Authentic place in the order of things…Now!

From this moment on I choose to consciously open to the rich abundance of all that I’ve been and will be given and to use my gifts in highest praise and adoration of the Giver of this inheritance – the benevolent Creator of All That Is. I know that I do not, could never, warrant the Love and Abundance that Spirit has showered/will shower down on me in this lifetime, so I am also gratefully humble in the receiving of these gifts.

And, receive I do! With arms and heart wide-open in appreciation for opportunity to experience the miracle of this abounding earth and surrounding skies, from the sun, moon, and wild starry space; to the plentiful rivers and oceans; to the wild and curative forest lands, filled with animal friends, totems, and guiding spirits; to the many beings of light and love that have chosen to experience this life with me to teach, guide, nurture, and protect me as I walk this earth and travel beyond to my sojourn in Spirit.

I claim unconditional Love in all its forms and vow to see it in the many guises that it has and is being given to me. From the soft touch of a mother, to the passionate embrace of a lover, to kind words and giving expressions of a friend, to the lessons from all that help me to best learn how to express Love that has no conditions attached.

I declare that I AM deserving of protection from all inner and outer danger and harm from old programming, and now release my own Old Story to the universe to be transmuted into pure Gold of Spirit through the process of Spiritual Alchemy. In light of that, I sincerely give thanks for all that has gone before, all that is now expressed in my life, and all that is to be! I know that is it I who have chosen the lessons; that there is no room for victim thinking in my passionate, creative, and grateful view of the world.

I declare the ability to SEE with new eyes of wonder the miracle that is LIFE. I quiet the small, ineffectual voice, and use my brave and loving LARGE voice to claim my place in this diverse, glorious Dance of Life while at the same time respecting the place of all others with whom I contact.

I declare my right to express authentically who I am in each Divine Moment without fear of reprisal or ridicule. I refuse to numb down my life by conforming to how others want me to act and be if it is not in alignment with what I intuitively know to be true for me. This is my ONE AND ONLY LIFE as Jenna Farr Ludwig, and I intend to live it in the most consciously informed, intuitively directed, joyfully lived, creatively infused, and authentically expressed ways of which I am capable.

I declare perfect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health from this moment on!

I am open to loving nudges of intuition from my guides, teachers, and angels as they continue to inform me of the best ways to live a life free of dis-ease and so much more…a life filled with purpose. I recognize and welcome the many signs, events of synchronicity, and miracles that lead me on to my most wildly authentic and wonderful expression of wholeness.

I declare these things to be good and true in my life with the caveat that I can add to and subtract from this living, breathing document as my life lessons continue to unfold and inform me of the best ways to achieve the untamed desires of my Authentic Soul.

Thank you Great Spirit for all that I have, for all that I receive, and for all that I share in this miraculous Dance we call Life.

May it be so ~