Though my soul may set in darkness it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.  ~Sarah Williams

Tree Mandala – Rios de Vida
It’s been a crazy year…personally, culturally, and internationally. But here we are—according to the wisdom keepers of ancient traditions, we’ve been given the opportunity to move into a galactic epoch of new vision and positive change.
Yesterday, the world didn’t end, but something has definitely shifted. I can feel it, and others around the world can feel it: a tiny seed—amidst all the brouhaha—of partnership between peoples and nations and the earth. The Age of Aquarius!
They say that we are moving out of a strictly materialistic view of reality, making room for the magic, mystery, and spirit that has been missing in our lives. I believe it is necessary for us each to hold this vision in our hearts —a seed star of Light to help us navigate the Dark—until it is fully birthed into our minds and deeper psyches and then, hopefully, becomes reality on a worldwide scale.
Yes, I do hang on to hope as we begin to unravel the tangle of suffering occurring on every corner of our beautiful/troubled planet. The reason I can see my way through the maze of darkness to a more positive future, is because of the millions of light workers in every corner of the earth today…the artists, storytellers, music makers, dreamworkers, humanitarians, teachers, wise and holy women and men, ordinary people who are making a difference, and aware parents who are raising healthy, happy, and heart-centered children; the carriers of the new Torch.
At this time of year when the Earth Mother sends her seeds deep within to protect them from the chill winds all around, may we also protect and nurture our creative plans and dreams, each in our own way, awaiting the perfect time to bring them to fruition.
If you are receiving this message, I behold the Light and Love within you…I know you have made a difference in my or someone else’s life. Because of you, the world is a better place, and for that I am grateful.