Awhile back, I saw the movie “Then She Found Me” with Colin Firth, Matt Broderick, Bette Midler, and Helen Hunt about a woman who gets dumped by her husband, which causes her world to seemingly fall apart. But it doesn’t take long before she falls in love with a man she is much better suited to be with. Of course, they are both terrified of love due to each having lost at it the first time around. This tension creates the action of the movie.

I love and relate to the conversation at the end of the movie after a comedy of errors that comes precipitously close to keeping the two destined lovers apart (e.g., she sleeps with her Ex even though she doesn’t love him anymore).

She: “I will disappoint you again and again, not in THAT way. If I disappoint you in that way, I want you to leave. You would leave wouldn’t you?”

He: “Yes.”

She: “And you could leave for another reason.”

He: “I won’t.”

She: “But, you could.”

He: “I won’t.”

She: “But, you could.”

He: “Yes, I could.”

She: “But, we will go ahead and try this thing.”

The above is a loose paraphrase of that conversation. Point being is that it got me thinking about the impermanence of things I’ve experienced in my own life and how we humans can’t predict the future with any final certainty, although, we love to think we can.

Oh, there was a time when I was younger…but, I would no longer be so brazen as to set my future in stone. For one thing, I’ve learned that my little ego isn’t smart enough to understand my Life (capital “L”) from a Big Picture perspective.

I’ve also learned that when things fall apart (and they most assuredly do in the life of each person at one time or another), it is not so much about “What?” “How?” or “Why?” so much as the way we choose to deal with whatever gets thrown onto our paths that makes all the difference.

While such thoughts were still fresh in my mind; I decided to check my Facebook Wall and happened across the Status of the Awakening Women Institute:

“Each and every one of us will experience times when things fall apart. During these times, we are stripped of part of our identity. It can feel terrifying; it can feel unfair, yet these moments when our self-identity is less solid can provide a powerful initiation into a greater sense of freedom. The dismantling of identity throws us into unknown territory and into change.”

Aw, Change. It keeps the Wheel of Life ever turning and allows us the opportunity to experience just how creative and resourceful we can be as co-creators of this sometimes dreadful/sometimes wonderful life!