Thought seeds planted in consciousness, like seeds planted in the earth, have vibrational energy. The act of honoring an event of synchronicity, or that special coincidence that seems to be outside the realm of cause and effect, by writing it down in a journal dedicated to such experiences allows its meaning to grow in the light of conscious reflection over time. My own experience with reflective synchronicity journaling over the past five years has produced some amazing results in the way I think and perceive the world around me. These include heightened intuition and creativity, better dream recall, and a bigger view of reality that is connected to both the observed and hidden influences that affect our day to day lives. I have discovered that there is power in writing down these seemingly miraculous coincidences as they happen to me and then pondering their meaning for my life over time. It is my belief that while engaging in this process of reflective journaling, new thought patterns emerge in consciousness that nourish the soul’s longing for truth and self-expression.

Since I began my synchronicity journaling project I have experienced many instances of incredible coincidences, but one comes to mind as an especially good example. It coincided with a message contained within a dream I once had. The dream and the synchronicity following it occurred many years ago when I was dealing with some painful feelings around a relationship that had ended abruptly. Intellectually, I realized that the other person was not the “bad guy,” but I was having a hard time of it emotionally. I fell asleep one night after wrestling with this issue, and had what I considered to be a big dream – one that contains an important message for my life. I title it Moving from Warrior to Wise Woman. In the dream –

I am a general in the front ranks of a war zone. All is dark and chaotic in the midst of the battle. Quite suddenly I decide to give up my position of leadership in the battle to a man in the dream. I continue to merely view the scene, not engaging in the fighting any longer. Later, I discover that I have dug a deep well. I find myself arranging stones around the outside of the well housing that is above ground. When I am finished, it looks like an old-fashioned well with a wooden bucket on a rope pulley dangling at the top. I am considering whether or not to lower the bucket into the cool, clear water below when I wake up.

After writing down the dream, I summed-up its theme in a sentence: A woman gives up fighting and begins building something that holds a substance that will quench her spiritual thirst. I took this to mean that I was making a positive move in the dream toward peace and emotional nourishment and away from the inner conquest that the ill-fated relationship had stirred in me. I knew upon reflection of the dream that I could lower that bucket and drink of the cool, nourishing water. Later that morning, as I began again to think about the dream’s meaning, I said aloud to myself, Yes, I think a part of me is ready to drink of the water of this well! As I said this, I absentmindedly walked over and picked out the book Heal Thyself, by author Saki Santorelli from my bookshelf. I had purchased the book earlier in the week, but hadn’t begun reading it. I opened it at random to these words, “Right now it feels as if each of us is standing at the edge of a deep well, staring into a shimmering unknown, wrestling with the unspoken question, ‘Do I say no to this moment, remaining parched and brittle? Or do I say yes and drink from the uncertain waters, holding the possibility of life renewed?”

Having taken all the Jungian courses that my mid-western university had offered (not many, but enough), the concept of synchronicity was not new to me. What was new was the crystal clear experience of it in my own life in that moment in time. I knew that between the dream and the thoughts and actions following it, I had just been given a powerful gift of grace. I continue to feel much gratitude and humility in the face of it.